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The Bubbleponics System: The work is done for you. Set up your own hydroponics system. Review.

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Bubbleponics System

    from Stealth Hydro

What is the Stealth Hydro Bubbleponics System? 

Bubbleponics® is a unique hydroponics plant growth system that employs the best facets of both the bubbler and drip systems. Because of the hyper-oxygenated nutrient mix the drip method is transformed into a continuous and focused food supply to the inner roots. The food and needed oxygen are both contained in the nutrient mixture, so the end result is faster growing, healthier plants. 

The Facts Bubbleponics

Purportedly the first continuous plant feeding system, Bubbleponics improves upon traditional drip systems by augmenting the nutrient mix with a high level of oxygen. This eliminates the need to drain the root base for oxygen absorption, resulting in stronger early growth of the young root system. The overall growth rate has been shown to increase by 30%. 

In experiments by Stealth Hydro, plant cuttings placed into the system suffered no detrimental effects from the transplant. As well, plants damaged by over-fertilization had a high rate of recovery when introduced to Bubbleponics. 

This unit was designed with simplicity in mind. Bubbleponics uses real irrigation parts consisting of a hub feeding system where the water flow from the pump splits out to 6 smaller feed tubes via a pressure regulating irrigation distributor. The six plant sites’ food distribution is all independent of each other, which is unlike other systems that use “T” junctions connecting the tubes together. 

The simplicity continues on to maintenance if any is required. Almost all of the replacement parts can be obtained from a hardware store.

Strong points

Not so strong points 

What makes Bubbleponics unique?


Actual User Comments

Well, I quit pussy footing aroung and I bought the Stealth Hydro Spectrum bubbleponics system. I am so glad I did. My friend has spent two months and $100 trying to build a duplicate his own system, and he doesn't even have the round holes drilled yet. I got everything I needed ... in 4 weeks I had plants about 18 inches tall, but they are the bushiest plants I or anyone has ever seen ... I just never imagined they could grow so fast and thick ... I highly recommend it ... you can not get better results.                                          from Rollitup.org forum             

IT WORKS SO WELL, A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU AT STEALTHHYDRO, and yes the growth rate is unreal man!!! and size!! 
                                                                          Mr. S. King, some where in Oregon. age mid 50's

I looked at several systems before going with the stealth Hydro kit, and I am glad I did. The continuous feed system is far superior to anything else out there, the growth has been astounding.                                                                         anonomous

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